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Some clients I've worked with:


I'm Dan Patton. I am a Creative Director and Graphic Designer.

When rooted in strategy, design has the power to move. To ignite. It has the power to take a message and deliver it in a way that resonates with people. Design is digital. Design is tactile. Design is human.


I’ve worked at several ad agencies, creative studios, and I’ve run my own design shop. Each has been a unique challenge, and each has taught me something about myself and the work I want to do. I’ve never been content with the idea of the every day grind. That’s what I love about design and advertising. Each day is a unique challenge. A chance to push the limits of what a company’s stake holders thought was possible. That’s where I believe the most effective ideas often live — in those sometimes-hard-to-see spaces between what a client thinks they want versus what they actually need.

I live in Austin, Texas with my wife Jill, daughter Ada, and a particularly goonish dog named Link.

When I'm not helping brands grow, I enjoy taking my kid to the park, painting, making music, and attempting to craft the perfectly popped and seasoned bowl of popcorn.

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